Version 2.2
Last Update 2006/02/27
Product Type Freeware
Requirements Palm OS 3.0 or greater (OS5 Ready)
Download 10,301 Bytes (Include ReadMe files)
  SpaBingo.prc 14,239 Bytes

¤ Please install new version of Spa BINGO after uninstall Ver1.0 if you use.

Bingo Machine whichi has 75/90 number mode (switched).
Please prepare the bingo card separately.

  • [GO] Draw lots with this button or using Hardware-button
    • Down Button
    • JOG Push (CLIE with JOG dial)
    • 5Way Navigator Center button (PalmOne)
  • [Reset] Reset lots with this button
  • Switch 75/90 number mode with an upper right select trigger.
  • Display of list of lottery number and the latest five numbers with animation.
Main screen

It has automatic Save/Load function of lottery number.
You can resume anytime.

75 number mode is used for a standard bingo game in Japan.
90 number mode seems to be a main current in a European district.
Special Thanks for Finn Hybjerg Hansen.

Next future :

  • Relecommunication facilit with bingo card application program
    (Can I do?)

About screen

-- Change History --

Ver 2.2 2006/02/27

  • Added show number of drawed function.
  • Added confirm dialog when push reset.

Ver 2.1 2004/01/11

  • Drawing lots with Hardware-button support
    • Down Button
    • JOG Push (CLIE with JOG dial)
    • 5Way Navigator Center button (PalmOne)

Ver 2.01 2003/10/17

  • OS5 Color theme support.
  • Bitmap resource small change.

Ver 2.0 2003/01/16

  • 75/90 numbers switch support
  • Display of the latest five numbers
  • Bitmap display improvement by OS5
  • OS5 High-Density Icon support
  • Explanation of CLIE Launcher support
  • Small change bitmap resource

Ver 1.1 2003/01/07

  • Color support
  • Southpaw support

Ver 1.0 2002/12/16

  • Initial release.

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