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Version 1.4
Last Update 2003/05/30
Product Type Freeware
Requirements Palm OS 3.0 or greater (OS5 Ready)
Download 14,764 Bytes (Include ReadMe/OverLay files)
  PLap.prc 17,357 Bytes

Stopwatch which specializes in the lap time measurement.

  • Two lap time can be measured at the same time.
  • The lap time measurement result can be written the note pad.
  • Possible to record up to 300 laps (Lap number mode is 200 laps)
  • Most operations are possible by the hardware button.
  • Two kinds of measurement modes at lap time or split time.
  • Show Lap number support.

Please:at such time

  • To the attendant of the motor sports watching
  • To the pit crew of the team which runs 2 riders/drivers (It's me !)
  • To the continuous chugging rally(A good child must not Mane it. )
  • Anything else.

"PLap_jpJP.prc" included in the archive is Japanese overlay.
An additional installation : to the device of Japanese OS3.5 or more in doing.
A menu and a set screen can be made Japanese.

Start screen

[Start] Begins to measure it
  (A big display which appears most up is time from the start.)

[Lap1][Lap2] Record Lap/Split time

  • The difference time from the measurement last time is in real time
    displayed under the name.

[Stop] End measurement

Four buttons : the hardware button (DateBook, Address, ToDo, and Note pad).
It corresponds by pushing.

Measurment screen

[Memo] Export data into the note pad.
  (The "Memo" button disappears after writing of data.)

[Clear] Clear all status (except name)
  (The leftmost button changes with "Start" - "Stop" - "Clear" - "Start" ... )

  • The part of the name is writable (An initial value is "PLAYER-1" and "PLAYER-2" )
    It is possible to input it up to ten characters.
  • Automatic power supply OFF function stops while measuring
      Please note that it forgets to turn off the power supply
  • The amount of the battery remainder is % displayed in the upper part of the screen.
     (The display of the battery bit map is drawn and, to our regret, does not change. )
Measure finished screen

Preference Panel :

  • The measurement mode can be set.
    Lap time or Split time
    Show Lap number or not.
  • The method of scrolling the measurement result list can be set.
    The jog dial can be used for Clie.
  • The volume of the sound when the hardware button is pressed can be adjusted.
      "OFF"   No Sound
      "L"     Low
      "M"     Middle
      "H"     High

A set value is automatically preserved.

Preferences screen

It is a writing result image to the note pad.

  • Lap 1 and 2 are written respectively as another record.
  • Only the measured lap is written.
  • The date and the time of the first line use the format of "Format" of System "Prefs".

Because the measurement accuracy depends on the Tick value of the Palm device
It is likely to differ from official time.

Additionally, please refer to ReadMe.txt/ReadMeJ.txt in the archive for details.

Memo pad screen

-- Change History --

Ver 1.4 (2003/05/30)

  • Lap number mode support
  • Show face bitmap at Lap1/2 button

Ver 1.3 (2003/02/12)

  • The split time is added to the measurement mode.
  • The function to scroll the list by the hardware button or the jog dial is added.
  • Japanese overlay support
  • Color support
  • OS5 High-Density Icon support
  • OS5 High-Density Bitmap support

Ver 1.21 (2002/08/10)

  • The stop of automatic power supply OFF function was changed to
    "The application program is being executed" - > "While measurement".
  • Bug-Fix :
    If the hardware button is pushed when Preferences is displayed, it is likely to become Fatal Error.

Ver 1.2 (2002/05/13)

  • The sound function is added.
  • It changed in button mark [Lap] to [Lap1]&[Lap2]
  • It changed so that the display of the display change "Plugged" when the device was charged.
  • Bug-Fix :
    It writes it many times though it has written to the note pad when "Note pad" hardware button is pushed.

Ver 1.1 (2002/03/27)

  • Gray scale Icon support
  • Button on screen and small correction of Graffiti indicator position.

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