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Version 1.2
Last Update 2004/08/26
Product Type shareware 997 Japanse-Yen / $9.95 (USD)
Requirements PalmOS 5.2 or greater ( CLIE TH55 ONLY )
Download 45,895 Bytes (Include Readme/Sample files)
  PEditorCO_jp.prc 53,710 Bytes
  PEditorCO.prc 53,222 Bytes


About PEditorCO

Icon Editor for CLIE Organizer with CLIE TH55.
You can edit icon's bitmap, and replace with Databases.
also Add/Delete/Overwrite icon set.

has many editing functions and I/O mode.


  • PEditorCO has 30 days expire limitation after install.
    Registration is needed when continuously using PEditorCO.
  • Please BACKUP all data before use.
    ( "CLIEOrganizerIcon.prc" will replace )


The content of is as follows.

  • PEditorCO.prc : Program (English version)
  • PEditorCO_jp.prc : Program (Japanese version)
  • COIconOGIN.prc : Sample icon datadase
  • ReadMe.txt : explanation text (in English)
  • ReadMeJ.txt : explanation text (in Japanese)

Please install PEditorCO.prc or PEditorCO_jp.prc (Both of the function are also equal) via HotSync in TH55.
COIconOGIN.prc is sample data. You can chose install or not.


  1. Please buy the license on the following sites.

    SONY PDA Style (Japanese)


  2. After buy it, you comes to be able to download "Registration key file".
    Please download it according to the explanation of the site.

  3. The trial limitation of PEditorCO is released by installing downloaded
    "Registration key file" in TH55, and registration completion.
    Update is free!

1. Main Screen (View mode)

You can View all Icons and Copy & Paste.

  • Selection of icon:
    Tap or JogDial with left/right button
  • Go to Editor screen :
    [Edit] Button or push JogDial
  • Copy and Paste :
    [Copy] button : do copy
    [Paste] button : do paste
    [Undo] button : undo
  • Move to I/O Mode :
    [I/O] button or close Virtual Silk area

Desktop will refresh after HotSync.

Main Screen (View Mode)

2. Main Screen (I/O Mode)

I/O (In/Out) Mode.
   Upper : SaOg Database
   Lower : COIE Database

You can view all icons and do copy & paste like VIEW mode.
and Read/Write Databases.

When the 'COIE' database doesn't exist, "MyCOIcon" is automatically made.
Move to the Databases Management screen
when you tap the selector trigger. (database name such as MyCOIcon).

We will encourage the backup of CLIEOrganizerIcon by using
the [copy of all icons] function before the edit is started.

  • Selection of icon:
    Tap or JogDial with left/right button.
  • Copy all (On for the below) button :
    Do the batch copy of all icons. (lower direction from on)
  • Copy all (upturn from the under) button :
    Do the batch copy of all icons. (For the under above. )
  • Copy and Paste :
    [Copy] button : do copy
    [Paste] button : do paste
    [Undo] button : undo
  • Move to VIEW Mode :
    [I/O] button or open Virtual Silk area

Main Screen ( I/O Mode )

3. Editor Screen

Editor Screen

As for any edit mode, the drawing color is picked up when doing in the
magnify size icon in the tap while pushing the hardware button
of the picking up support specified on Preferences Screen

'All Clear' button is discontinued. Same function is moved to menu.

4. Preferences Screen

To Open : Menu - [Options] - [Preferences]

  • Button : Dropdown list
    Select Hardware-button that supports pickup color.
  • [OK]
    Back to Main screen with apply.
  • [Cancel]
    Back to Main screen without apply.

We call 4 application hardware-button :
[DateBook], [Address], [ToDo], [Memo].
* There are different from TH55 defaults.

When you select [None], pickup color support does not work.

Preferences Screen

5. Databases Management Screen

  • [OK]
    Select database and back to Main screen.
  • [New]
    Create new database. (Max : 64)
  • [Rename]
    Rename database.
  • [Delete]
    Delete Database (after confirmation)

Kind of Databse are shown at the Title-bar.

The database name input dialog is displayed. when you tap New or Rename.
After HotSync, the database name input here is preserved in the Backup folder.
Example : "COIconOGIN" -> "COIconOGIN.prc"

When the same name database exists in TH55,
It is not possible to use the name.

Database Screen
About Database

Name CreatorID Type Number of icon Enable on CLIE Organizer
SaOg Database SaOg icon 99 o

COIE Database COIE icon 99 -

COIE databases are buffer for editing or backup.
You can make your own SaOg database with number of databases.
Note : COIE database will delete when you delete PEditorCO.

The copyright exists in the icon data.
The reproduction of without permission in the Copyright Law is prohibited
except the case of the personal enjoyment etc.

The made data base file can be freely used.
You will enable to open to the public with Web etc.
(Both Freeware/Shareware is also available.)

Extra: COIconOGIN.prc (Freeware)
The icon data used for the screen explanation of the I/O mode.
Please do HotSync and use it.
There is no data only eighthly effective. No Artistic senses : the pardon.

Please refer SpaWare Archives

CLIE Organizer Icon List

  1. Show detail screen

  2. If you have SaOg databases, [Icon List] menu will be added in Menu.

  3. Select database with list panel.

* It's Japanese version of CLIE Organizer only.
Because We don't have Other language version.

Icon List

-- PLAN --

  • Support Drag & Drop copy on Main screen.
  • Support Sticker (Lrage/small)

-- Change History --

Ver 1.2 2004/08/26

  • UNDO function is extended (100 times max) and REDO function is added.
  • Added UNDO/REDO gage.
  • 'All Clear' button is discontinued. Same function is moved to menu.
  • Auto back to previous mode (draw/paint) after picking color (syringe)
  • Bug-fix: a fatal error occured when editing icon database was deleted by other application.
  • Others

Ver 1.1 2004/06/10

  • Added background color selectable real size icon
  • Expanded selected rectangle (scrolling, fliping, painting)
  • Added foreground color RGB elements control
  • Added RGB mode in foreground color panel
  • Others

Ver 1.0 2004/04/15

  • Japanese resource support
  • Added registor function. (for shareware)
  • Database screen : fixed list selection
  • fixed vSlik screen behaves wrongly when JOG pushed
  • Others

Ver 0.9b 2004/04/01

  • SaOg Databses support
  • Changed limitation date (fix -> 30 days)
  • Improved reliability.
  • Others

Ver 0.7b 2004/03/25

  • Edit screen: Color picking up support function addition
  • Edit screen: Function of display of use color list of icon addition
  • Edit screen: Clear all button addition
  • Addition of Preferences screen
  • Main screen: The function to display which icon to copy in the Paste button is added.
  • Main screen: The buttons are changed to graphic buttons.
    Trouble measures that Copy button frame remains in VirtualSilk area.
  • Others

Ver 0.6b 2004/03/14

  • I/O mode add
  • databases support
  • Bug fix:
    + The color of the frame line in the rectangular selection area changes.
    + Undo might not be able to be normalized.
  • Others

Ver 0.5b 2004/03/04

  • Initial release ( with expire date limitation )

Ver 0.1 2004/02/16

  • Got TH55. start developping.

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