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Version 1.1
Last Update 2003/12/09
Product Type Shareware ( 1,000 JPY / 10.00 USD )
Requirements Palm OS 3.0 or greater (OS5 Ready)
Download 25,457 Bytes (Include ReadMe files)
  GuiPar.prc 32,835 Bytes

The Palm device can be used in the guitar style.
Please select the CHORD (like 'C') on the screen, and play it with the hardware button (note pad button etc.)


  • Clie-T/NR/NX/NZ/SJ33/TG, Visor+BeatPlus FM Sound source support.
  • The button can utter harmony by pushing simultaneously. (*)
  • 8 instruments are selectable with Preferences. (*)
  • Arpeggio/Stroke switch support (*) Stroke mode
  • Choking function (*)
  • Minor/7th/sus4 chord support.
  • The chord preservation function of each song(tune). ( Max : 64 songs )
  • The tune switch function.
  • Capotasto function
  • Simple tuner function

    (*) Only the model for the FM sound

[ Unregisterd limitation ]

  • Songs are only 2.
  • can't add or delete, but editable.

[ Registration Method ]

[Main Screen]

  • Tune select
    You can select a tune with popup selector at up-right.
  • Arpeggio/Stroke switch
    Arpeggio ICONArpeggio : The button corresponds every one bowstring.
    Stroke ICONStroke : Sounds six simultaneous bowstring with one button. (harmony)
    [DateBook] : Down stroke, [Address] : Up stroke
    The mode changes by each icon tap.
  • Choking (halftone)
    when JogDial is pushed (ONLY CLIE with FM Sound)
  • Simple tuner
    Tuning fork ICON It enters the state of all bowstring liberating by the tuning fork icon tap.
    For the tuning of the REAL guitar.
  • Capotasto
    The capo position can be moved by doing left Fret of the screen in the tap.
    It is possible to operate it even with the jog dial of Clie/Treo.
  • Indicator
    String Indicator An indicator which hardware button is pushed now.
Main screen

[Song List Screen]

Song List screen will be displayed when [Songs]-[SongList] is chosen from menu.

  • [Done] button
    Back to Main screen.
  • [New] button
    Add a new song as "New Song (number)"
  • [Edit] button
    Tap after select a song from list, "Edit screen" will be displayed.
  • [Delete] button
    Delete selected song after confirmation.
Song List screen

[Edit Screen]

  • Tune name field
    re-writable. max charactors are 31.
  • Chord button
    When you tap the chord button, "Select Chord" screen will be pop-uped.
    Please select a chord with GUI.
    * You can not select a non-existing chord in the database.
  • [OK] button
    return to "Song List" screen with apply (save to Database).
  • [Cancel] button
    return to "Song List" screen without apply.
Edit screen

[Preferences panel] (FM only)

  • For the model for the frequency modulation oscillator (made of YAMAHA)
    [Use FM Sound] the Check Box is displayed
    Check : Use the FM Sound.
    No check : Use the building BEEP sound.
  • [Instrument] Musical instruments can be selected (8 kinds)
It is similar to the frequency modulation oscillator non-installing model as follows.
Preferences 1

[Preferences panel] (common)

  • The volume can be set by [Volume]
    When "System" is selected, the volume of "Game sound" of
    system environmental setting is applied
    (An initial value is System.)
  • he length of the sound can be set by [Length]
    It becomes the length of 1/10 of the display values.
    (An initial value is 5 (0.5 seconds)
  • [OK] : Returns to the main screen after the setting is applied
  • [Cancel] : Returns to the main screen without applying the setting
The set value is preserved by the system,
and when GuiPar will start next time, read automatically.
Preferences 2

[Registration screen]

Registration screen will be displayed when [Options]-[Registration] is chosen from menu.

  • Please input a Lisence-key or Registration-code into the input field
  • [OK] button
    Apply and return to Main screen.
    When input a right code, the limitations are released.
  • [Cancel] button
    No apply, just return to Main screen.
Registration screen

The correspondence of the hardware button and the bowstring is About screen.

Schedule for the future :

  • Another chord support (dim, add9 etc.)
  • function to beam the tune data.

Please refer to ReadMe.txt/ReadMeJ.txt in the archive for details.

When you install PowerJOG made of Mr. Tatsushi Yamada (Hacker Dude-san)
GuiPar stops PowerJOG temporarily.

About Screen

-- Change History --

Ver 1.1 2003/12/09

  • Added Choking function.
  • Play sound when selection instrument in Preference.
  • Increased play time.
  • etc.

Ver 1.0 2003/09/26

  • Change type : Freeware to Shareware.
  • Registration function is added.
  • Add/Delete song function is added.
  • Song list screen is small changed.

Ver 0.9 2003/09/18

  • Minor/7th/sus4 chord support.
  • he chord preservation function of each tune is added.
  • (limitation of this version : 2 tunes only)
  • The tune switch function is added
  • To preserve the chord and the capotasto position
    which had been selected automatically save.

Ver 0.84 2003/06/06

  • CLIE NX73/80 support
  • Bitmap resource small changeed. etc.

Ver 0.83 2003/03/15

  • CLIE TG50 support

Ver 0.82 2003/02/26

  • CLIE NZ90 support
  • CLIE SJ33 support

Ver 0.81 2003/01/25

  • To reflect the length of the sound of the setting when the FM sound is used, it changes the specification.
  • Up & Down storoke support
  • Jog dial of Treo support (for moving the capo)
  • Color support
  • Bitmap display improvement by OS5
  • OS5 High-Density Icon support

Ver 0.8 2002/12/08

  • GUI renewal (that screen becomes lively a little :-)
  • Capotasto function addition
  • Switch of mode of stroke/arpeggio function addition (Only the model for the FM Sound)
  • Simple tuner function addition

Ver 0.72 2002/11/08

  • Bug-Fix :
    It is corrected the generation of Fatal Error by Treo180.

Ver 0.71 2002/11/05

  • Clie-NX (OS5) support
  • Explanation of CLIE Launcher support

Ver 0.7 2002/06/21

  • FM sound support (Clie-T400/600/650/NR70, Visor+BeatPlus)
  • The hardware button corresponds to harmony by pushing simultaneously
    ( it is not possible to push in top and bottom of Clie-T simultaneously :-)
  • It changes the specification as pronounced while the hardware button is being pressed.
  • Bug-Fix :
    At the time of FM sound source use, tuning of 3 chords of D semitone corrects the fact that it has slipped
    At the time of sound source selection, The thing and the actual sound source which are selected have slipped

Ver 0.6 2002/06/07

  • Clie T400/600 support
  • When the FM sound is used, the musical instrument selection function is added.

Ver 0.5 2002/03/27

  • Gray scale ICON support
  • Correction of method of displaying chord "Field" to "Direct drawing"

-- Address of thanks --

We wish to express our gratitude to Mr. c-saturn who got a great advice for the FM sound control.
To the president of Palm Drop Power Games Association, The program size expanded, near 30KB ... I'm very sorry.

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