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Version 1.2
Last Update 2004/09/13
Product Type Freeware
Requirements Palm OS 2.0 or greater (OS5 Ready)
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Specializing lap timer of motor race Gleichmaessigkeits Pruefung in Germany.
It developed by the request of Mr. Wolfgang Hustaedt living in Germany (based on Parallel Lap).

What is Gleichmaessigkeits Pruefung ?

  • A closed circuit is done 12 times and it plays a game.
  • The lap time of the second times is recorded. This becomes BaseTime.
  • The fifth 3 and 4 times, it runs to become the same time as BaseTime.
    One point is subtracted whenever lap time is different for 0.1 seconds.
    (decrease ten points a second)
  • The pit stop is done the seventh six times for the gas charge. (non-demerit mark object)
  • It is BaseTime measurement as well as times the 8th times.
  • It runs the 11th 9 and 10 times to become the same time as the eighth times.
    (demerit mark object)
  • The 12th times are the out laps. (non-demerit mark object)
  • After it ends, the person with a little subtraction point is a win.

Main screen

Name and the measurement mode is set from the menu with Preferences.

Name :
It is possible to input it up to 15 characters or less.

Mode :
Please select either of the mode 1/10 seconds or 1/100 seconds.
The stand is "Round-down" for 1/10 second mode for 1/100 seconds. (From the GLP rule. )
No half-adjust.
(Example : 00:12:39.28 - > 00:12:39.2)

An initial value is a mode for 1/10 seconds.


[Start] Begin to measure

  • Displaying it by a big font on is the lap time.
  • The addition display from 0 is done first time.
  • The subtraction value from BaseTime is displayed since the Lap measurement.
  • "+" is displayed when exceeding it to BaseTime.

[Lap] Record the lap time

  • First time, BaseTime is recorded. ("Base" and display)
  • The number of laps, lap time, and the difference with BaseTime are recorded.
  • It is possible to record up to 99 laps.

[Base] record and chang the BaseTime

  • Current BaseTime is cleared, and BaseTime is set newly.
    (When BaseTime is newly measured the eighth, use it in the race. )

[Stop] End measurement

The Lap time is shown graphically like analogue watch.
and it clears every laps.

Four buttons : the hardware button (DateBook, Address, ToDo, and note pad).
It corresponds by pushing.

Measurment screen

When the [Memo] button is pushed after the measurement ends, data is written the note pad.
The [Memo] button disappears after writing of data. )

[Clear] The display is cleared with the button.
(The leftmost button changes with [Start] - [Stop] - [Clear] - [Start]... )

  • Because of Automatic power supply OFF function stops when measuring it
    Please note that it forgets to turn off the power supply.
  • The amount of the battery remainder is % displayed in the upper part of the screen.
    (Palm OS 3.0 or greator)
    (The display of the battery bit map is drawn and, to our regret, does not change. )

Measurement end screen

This is a writing result image to the note pad.

  • Only the measured lap is written.
  • The date and the time of the first line use the format of "Format" of "Environmental setting".

Though there might not be usage except the Gleichmaessigkeits Pruefung participant
Can you use it for the training of the body clock etc. possibly?
Moreover, the measurement accuracy depends on the Tick value of the Palm device.

Memo Pad image

-- Change History --

Ver 1.2 (2004/09/13)

  • Added Analogue lap time indicator.
  • Moved name setting from Main to Preferences.
  • Others

Ver 1.11 (2003/02/14)

  • Improvement of processing of scroll of measurement list
  • Additionally, small change in internal processing

Ver 1.1 (2002/08/20)

  • BaseTime new and setting function addition
  • Measurement mode (1/10 or 1/100 second) setting function addition

Ver 1.0 (2002/07/02)

  • Initial release

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