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  • About this site

    SpaWare is the trading name for Yoshiaki Ogino (as OGIN).
    SpaWear develops original applications for Palm Powerd device.
    Please refer to Palmware Links for general knowledge concerning Palmware.

    Feel free to LINK to this site. Especially, the report is unnecessary.

  • Copyright and Disclaimer

    Yoshiaki Ogino has the copyright to the software which has been opened to the public with SpaWare.

    It is NO GUARANTEE for software. Please use it by the self-responsibility.
    SpaWare can accept no responsibility for any problems,damages and loss of money arising directly,
    indirectly or consequentially from the use or misuse of the software and/or associated items.

  • Contact us

    Please report with E-mail when you publish the software of SpaWare in media other than the Web site.

    Please feel free to report of the opinion, the impression, the operation report, and the bug report, etc.

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